Take the opportunity to explore the glorious scenery via our bicycle routes while getting great exercise for the body and mind.

There are several nice day trips of varying lengths and severities that are described below.

Bikes and equipments are available to rent on site if you need. We have different types of bicycles that are suited for asphalt or dirt road, depending on the route you wish to cycle.

Explore any of our bicycle routes below

The forests in and around Gräsmark has many nice hiking trails. The rich plant and animal life can offer everything from clearings full of yellow chanterelles to exciting encounters with elk, beaver, fox and capercaillie. From the heights one can see both the extensive woodland, open farmlands and lakes in Gräsmark area.

Along the marked hiking trails there are beautiful rest areas where it is perfect to stop and barbecue or enjoy your packed snack. An experience that is absolutely free!

Boat & Canoe

Paddle the canoe or take a boat trip in the waters in and around the larger lakes in the area. There are also many cozy places to stop at, maybe for a picnic or just sit, relax and watch the scenery for a while. Looking out over a quiet sunset on a warm summer evening is an unbeatable holiday moment! We have canoes and boats for rent, contact us for pricing information.

There are also possibilities to rent a boat or canoe in the nearby area west of Gräsmark in Mangen-Treens fishing district. Follow the link for more information.

Picking Berries & Mushrooms
During the late summer and autumn the forests offer a lot of different berries and mushrooms to pick. Given the thinly populated surroundings you can always expect to find your own small place where the baskets are overflowing with delicacies from the forest.
Try out the fishing in pristine and preserved waters for pike, perch and trout in Northern Gräsmark, Kymmen’s and Rottnen’s fishing districts.
Follow the link for more information on the different waters.

Other activities in the neighboring area around Sandviken

Sunne Golf

Sunne vattenland

Torsby Ski-Tunnel

Teens Camping – Disc golf

Rottneros park



Skotersafari – Fredros Gård